The IOWLC specialises in housing matters, especially in relation to homeless

prevention, we cover the full range of housing to include: repossession,

eviction, homelessness, landlord and tenant, etc.


NB there are some aspects of housing that are very difficult to assist with

without Legal Aid e.g. disrepair, illegal evictions, or antisocial behaviour, and

in those cases we may refer to a local solicitor with a Legal Aid contract.




If you have a mortgage and the lender is seeking to repossess your home

then we can help.




If your landlord (private or Housing Association) has served a notice seeking possession (or notice to quit) or has issued proceedings, then we can help.  We can also help if your landlord has applied for the bailiffs (warrant of possession).  It does not matter why your landlord is trying to evict you.




If you are homeless and the Council is refusing to help or the Council has made a decision in writing but for any reason they are not accepting the application, then we can help.  We can also advise if you have been offered unsuitable accommodation.  Where a written decision has been made, you must act promptly as there is strict time limit.


If you are homeless or appealing a Housing Benefit decision you must act promptly if a written decision has been made, as a strict time limit applies.

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